Old world Tuscany brought about a landscape that combines the rustic and simple peasantry lifestyle with the elegance and flair of Renaissance Italy.
The Tuscan garden style features a variety of lush plants, fragrant spices, and often incorporates vegetable gardens as well.
Natural, but sophisticated, materials create a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere with Tuscan charm.

Elements within a Tuscan garden include:

  • Terra cotta accessories
  • Peaceful wall fountains
  • Elegant teak and wrought iron accents
  • Colorful and fragrant vines

Outdoor Living with a Tuscan Landscape Design

More and more homeowners are opting for a Tuscan landscape design for Old World charm that blends the elegance of their fine home with the natural beauty of simple yet styled gardens. Your outdoor area is much more than the space that surrounds your home; it is an extension of your home. The landscaping and décor of your garden defines the style, the atmosphere, and the appearance of your outdoor living space.

Today’s Tuscan style landscapes often combine the elegant feel of the Italian Renaissance period with the peasantry gardens and rustic accessories of the enchanting farms of Tuscany.
Tuscan gardens are distinct from other landscaping styles because of this rustic, but still elegant, flair.
Tuscan gardens are popular for their beauty, as well as the simplicity and ease of maintenance they offer. Paths, patios, and other functional areas are essential to any comfortable outdoor living design and the type of material used to create these floors plays an important part in defining the atmosphere and theme of your outdoor area.

Like the materials used to pave your patios and walkways, the decorations and furnishings you choose to incorporate into your landscape design help define your Tuscan theme.
Choose items that reflect the rustic and simple appearance of Tuscany, as well as the elegance of your home. Décor with a Mediterranean flair is perfect for this type of look.