Tropical landscape design is fun, vibrant, and lush outdoor space that complements a variety of architectural styles. Exotic, tropical style gardens provide a relaxing escape from the busy everyday routine but many homeowners choose not to implement this design because they worry about maintaining tropical vegetation, especially those in cooler climates.


While warm, moist climates are the best for tropical gardens, it is possible to create the look and feel of the tropics in areas with cold winters.


Tropical Plant Life

Lush, vibrant vegetation is a critical part of tropical landscape design. Choose your plants carefully, depending on your climate, and select exotic plants with irregularly shaped leaves and interesting textures. Plants within a tropical garden are typically planted to reflect natural growth, usually with large greenery and bamboo densely planted behind smaller, colorful blooms.

Palm trees are often the center of a tropical style outdoor space. Plant a variety of palms in clusters throughout the yard.
Large species can be used to create a focal point for your island feel.
Bamboo can flourish in most any environment and is a great way to create a dense planting area for privacy or shade. Other plants to include are:

Colorful flax and climbing bougainvillea
Lush mondo grass
Broadleaf ferns that add continuous green to your garden year round.

Even if you live in an area with cold winters and annual frost, you can enjoy the feel of the islands without ever leaving home. Tropical landscape design is relaxing, beautiful, and easy to maintain, not to mention an inviting way to enjoy the simplicity of nature.