This Eastern style of garden design tries to mimic nature on a small scale. The informality of nature plays a dominate role here. Oriental gardens often incorporate the art of Feng shui with it’s nine zones that helps to instill a sense of peace and balance to ones life.



Informal landscape design is the exact opposite of the formal style. A more relaxed feel is achieved by using curved lines and irregular shapes. The plantings are massed in a more informal manner creating a naturalistic appearance.



A well designed tropical garden can be very appealing. Typically made up of plants with very large leaves and flowers with intense color. Lush foliage builds in height towards the back of the garden creating a dense planting area.



The roots of Tuscan landscaping came from the Tuscany region located in southern Italy. This style creates an Old World ambiance reminiscent of the Italian countryside. The use of stone, old brick, wrought iron, heavy wooden beams and authentic Tuscan plants are typical of this style.