Landscape design for ponds and water features is an elegant way to personalize your outdoor living area, while adding a touch of serenity to your landscape design. Ponds, pre-fabricated or custom fountains , cascading waterfalls , and other unique outdoor water accessories create a relaxing environment within your garden

Selecting the Best Location For Your Water Garden

When it comes to landscape design for ponds, there are several factors that will influence the location of your pond.
It would be best to design an entire landscape with the pond or waterfeature incorporated into the plan, but most homeowners are adding a water garden to a landscape that is already in existence, which is often more difficult.

Consider these factors as you determine the best site for your garden pond:

The view Your water garden should be a tranquil component of your outdoor area that is visible from your favorite sitting areas. Avoid high ground coverings, shrubbery, and other objects that may interfere with the view.
The ground condition Select a location that is level and promotes good drainage. Take care not to place the pond in a low area of the yard that may be prone to flooding after a rain.
Ease of maintenance You will want to place your garden pond in a site that is easy to access with pathways leading around the pond. A nearby storage area is a good idea for convenient access to your pond supplies. Water and electricity connections may also need to be close by.
The surroundings A pond offers a fabulous mirror image of the beauty of your garden. Select a location that makes use of the reflective nature of water, but take care to avoid overhanging trees that may create debris within the pond.
Sunlight. Depending on the plant life you choose for your water garden you will need to select a pond site with plenty of direct sunlight. Most flowering water plants require a great deal of natural light.
Overall landscape Most importantly, you want your garden pond to blend naturally with the rest of your landscape design.
Defining the Purpose of Your Water Garden

Garden ponds have many different uses, although they are all designed to be an attractive addition to your outdoor living space. You may decide a fish pond is best for your landscape and will need to select the types of fish and other accessories. Koi ponds are quite popular, but can require more maintenance.

Some garden ponds simply add tranquility to your outdoor environment.
Waterfalls offer beauty, as well as the relaxing sound of running water.
Water fountains are an elegant way to incorporate the peacefulness of water into your landscape design.
Streams, plants, and other water features can also be integrated into your water garden for a more custom landscape design that complements your home.

Building Your Water Garden

Prefabricated pond shells and liners are readily available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will also need a skimmer, a filter, and a drain system. Excavation should allow for the depth and diameter of the pond, as well as the edging and borders of the pond. You will also need to arrange for removal of the soil that is excavated.

The materials used to border your water garden should accent the general theme of your landscape design for ponds.
Bricks, stones, wood, or other materials can be used to create the ideal look for your pond.
Plant life in and around your water features should complement your overall outdoor style as well.
Landscape design for ponds is simple but there are many details that must not be overlooked.